Bring clarity to your personal values

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Personal values affect us every day but can be hard to articulate. Once you do manage to articulate them, it's still hard to embody them fully.

The tools in Harmony Toolbox make it easier and more fun to articulate your values, and then weave them into your daily life.

Feel great about how you spend your time.

Put more joy in your daily life.

Make hard decisions with confidence.

Uncover and refine your values with the workbook

Translate those values into chunks of time with Activity Cards

See how your values show up in your daily life with the calendar

Harmony Toolbox 1st edition Pre-order


A set of tools to bring clarity to your personal values and bring more joy and intention into your daily life. Limited edition of 20.

This is a Preorder that will ship in early January. Handmade by yours truly.

What's Inside?
- 1 Uncovering Your Values workbook (76 pages)
- 1 Decision Helper workbook (16 pages)
- 12 monthly calendars
- 10 activity cards
- Access to our discord community
- Dedicated 1-on-1 support

Harmony Toolbox Digital edition


Save some trees and space by choosing the fillable PDF version of Harmony Toolbox.

What's Inside?
1 PDF containing: - Uncovering Your Values workbook (76 pages)
- Decision Helper workbook (16 pages)
- 12 monthly calendars for 2022 to print out
- 10 activity cards to print out
- Access to our discord community
- Dedicated 1-on-1 support


Harmony Toolbox is made by me, Ryan Mather. I made this because I needed it. As a twenty-something in New York I felt overwhelmed with the seemingly endless possibilities for how to spend my time. Should I draw? paint? learn to code? I started making tools to help me prioritize ideas. But the decisions I made in these early versions never quite stuck. My goals would change, or I'd lose interest.

I had a eureka moment when I took a class at the School for Social Design. I realized that personal values were the best tools to make these kinds of life decisions. I redesigned my decision making tools to an early version of Harmony Toolbox, and I started feeling a lot better about my decisions. I had a better time sticking to them, and felt good about how I spent my time.

I wrote about my process for The Creative Independent and over the months following, I received mail from people all over the world who were trying out the tools in the article. They were inspired by the ideas but not sure how to start. So that's how Harmony Toolbox was born! You can check out some process on my instagram highlights.

Harmony Toolbox is in closed beta right now, sign up if you'd like to receive updates.